Merlin Site Services – where innovation comes as standard

Merlin Site Services is a specialist solutions developer and provider of advanced proprietary infrastructure materials technologies and support systems to the private, commercial, defence and government enterprise sectors.

Merlin offer a portfolio of proprietary and prequalified partner products and service solutions designed to address customer requirements and the growing demand for environmentally sustainable infrastructure solutions, asset protection and support systems.

Merlin solutions include advanced urban and industrial surfacing and paving solutions, impenetrable asset security, civil and structural engineering services.

With our highly experienced team Merlin are able to provide a unique range of services to our customers from concept consultancy, design, construction and management. Merlin is ideally equipped to serve customers of any scale or location throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We work to provide products and service solutions that are the best in the industry.
Signature Services

Merlin Site Services is proud to have pioneered a holistic approach by a site services provider toward environmentally sustainable solutions. Our proprietary surfacing solutions MAISE™ include water sensitive urban development systems, storm water management, ground stabilisation, pollution control, erosion and other challenging terrain projects.

Merlin understands the requirements placed on individuals and enterprise alike to adapt, adopt and integrate best practice environmentally sustainable products and services into infrastructure projects and development.

Merlin go far beyond just product supply to support our customers, Merlin offer a complete range of related services to support our customers from the development of bespoke solutions  helping our customers to develop their infrastructure programs, to training your team and maintaining the readiness of your products and infrastructure over the entire life cycle.

With industrial proficiency and a customer first mind-set our customers trust us implicitly. Merlin Site Services manage and deliver multiple site services to our customers,  responding to the needs of those we work for and with.

Whatever we do will be to the highest standard and at the best value consistently.
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