Karapace™ Systems

  The Karapace™ and Karablok ™ systems are a rapidly transportable protective shell construction
  system manufactured from reinforced precast concrete.

  With so many configuration adaptations designers and engineers now have an increased tool set and
  added freedom to develop and resolve complex terrain and infrastructure situations.

  Combined with its intrinsic design strength that lay at the core of the Karapace™ system development,
  Karapace™ is able to provide developers, engineers and security services with many more alternative options
  to manage challenging situations. 


  The Karapace™ systems provide an ideal solution to numerous application uses throughout Land, Water, Security and
  Defence terrain, infrastructure and operations environments.

  The Karapace™ system is strong, rated at Defence and Security: PAS 68:2007 levels it can be pre-manufactured and
  supplied to site and rapidly deployed else it is equally adaptable to be manufactured directly at the application site from

  This innovative system allows for ready process, manufacture and erection support as and when required therefore effecting
  very real cost savings and affording rapid deployment.


  Karapace™ and Karablok™ may not require traditional foundations in certain conditions. Providing correct conditions and
  ground bearing pressure is suitable for application the Karapace™ systems can be erected directly off graded ground.