Introducing Merlin Site Service MAISE Product portfolio

Merlin Site Services offer a range of advanced paving solutions under its MAISE product portfolio.

MAISE (Merlin Advanced Infrastructure Systems Engineering) include an advanced range of proprietary
surfacing solutions developed and provided solely by Merlin Site Services.
Merlin Site Services are a specialist wholly owned and managed Australian manufacturer and advanced
surface solutions developer operating throughout the Asia Pacific Markets.

From inception Merlin’s philosophy across its portfolio of paving products has been to supply engineered systems that
offer High Value Recycling Potential (HVRP). 

Merlin is fully committed to providing environmentally sustainable infrastructure development targeting 100pc recycled
material for 100pc recyclable products that out perform all alternatives.
Merlin is committed to environmental improvement and sustainable infrastructure development.

Through its philosophy and by working closely with clients and suppliers Merlin Site Services works to develop products
that move towards its goal of transitioning waste to high value infrastructure material systems across its entire MAISE product

MAISE Sustainable Development

Merlin Site Services predominantly utilises environmentally sustainable recycled materials in the manufacture of its
infrastructure paving products. Merlin remove problematic waste, reduce environmental burden, and provide systems that
offer increased life, reduce ownership cost and are available for recycle and reuse processes.