Bitumen Products, Process Improvement and the Environment

  Merlin Site Services again brings our customers only the very best in advance infrastructure system
  engineering with sustainability at the forefront of all we do and offer to our customers.

  Bitumen Products

  Bitumen is given to be a non-ecologically toxic product which presents no danger to plant and aquatic
  environments. Bitumen has been used as a core infrastructure and construction product for thousands of
  years and is 100% re-useable.

  Description and Benefits

  Merlin Site Services is a supplier of all grades of bitumen and emulsions to the Australasian markets. 
  The products supplied are available delivered direct to the customer or staged for distribution. Our objective is to
  provide the best product on the market in the best way at the best possible price point. 
  To meet commercial and environmental objectives to support our customers our products are provided in
  minimum 1 tonne bulk bags.

  Bagged Innovation and Advantage

  Bagged bitumen is a new innovation offering reduced cost reduced impact and improved transportation and delivery of
  bitumen product to the customer.  In utilising this innovative method of product delivery there are a number of immediate
  benefits that make this a very appealing option for many of our customers.