Design Strength

Karapace™ is designed to take pressure from both sides with a high strength to size ratio.
All parts of the Karapace™ system can be used together or individually.
A further feature of the system is that a wide range of fixings can be utilised when erecting Karapace™

Standard Specification

  • Design: BS EN 1992:1:1:2004
  • Manufacture: BS EN ISO 9001:1994 ISO 9001: 2000
  • Reinforcement: BS4449 / BS4483
  • Strength: Grade C50 to BS EN 2006:1:2002
  • Defence and Security: PAS 68:2007

The unique design concept allows for larger or smaller units to be manufactured facilitating specific application demands such as land management, erosion control, water containment and flow control, built environment, surface and submerged ducting and protection, defence and perimeter protection systems approved to PAS 68:2007 as a security barrier system.