Process Speed

Using this innovative bagged system it takes approximately 3 -4 minutes to discharge a 1 tonne bag of product into a bitumen tank. This process allows for the bitumen tank to be filled as fast as the tank can be emptied.

Process efficiencies

It takes less handling time to process a 1000kg bag of bitumen than to handle and process a 200 litre drum.

Zero Waste

Using this innovative process 100% of the bitumen product is recovered unlike the waste and spillage associated when processing alternate drum based product.

Handling and waste disposal

Product handling is much easier, much safer and less time consuming. Importantly there is no longer the need to undergo associated drum and waste disposal.  The bags our product is supplied in are fully reusable. This is yet another costly waste elimination process and environmental benefit.

Reduced Freight and Storage Costs

Merlin Site Services work to reduce impact and increase cost economics for our customers. Merlin are able to service and support our customer needs by helping to reduce storage burden and product stocking. Bringing in a full 20T container reduces freight costs per tonne.  Compared to bulk freight there is a greatly reduced cost of storage as with this system our customers can bring stock to the project on a Just-In-Time basis.