LOBO Advanced Work Platform Systems

The flexible, safe alternative to platforms and scaffolding that anyone can assemble and use with ease.

The Lobo System is a simple to use work platform product that combines the versatility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the simplicity and mobility of aluminium tower systems.

Lobo can be assembled by anyone, quickly and safely, without the need for tools, which allows labour costs to be controlled & reduced.

Its unique ability to increase productivity, whilst maintaining uncompromising safety standards, puts the Lobo System in a class of its own.

The system comprises of steel legs, of a variety of heights with adjustable top and fixed side bracing clamps. Tubes are then passed through the clamps, which are hand-tightened, to form a trestle. This trestle forms the basis of the system to which sway braces, wheels, handrails, outriggers, extensions and even a lifting beam can be added to enhance the construction.